Sunday, February 21, 2010

{Christmas Baby} Elgin, IL Newborn Photographer

You'll recognize this family from other posts on my blog(s)... The M family has done so much for me. They jumped in to give me practice when I was first starting to grow my own business. So, when I heard they were expecting a baby on Christmas Day, I was thrilled... when I learned that dad had moved to Florida for a new job and the family would follow when baby was a month old, I was heartbroken.

Baby A made his arrival on Christmas Eve. One day early, weighing in at almost eleven pounds! I met him 10 days later and boy, was he cute! He didn't really want to sleep - so alert! - but I was able to get some great images anyway...especially of the family!

Thank you Kim & John. Thank you to the kids, too. You've been great and you're already missed. Whenever you want me to come take some pictures in your new home, just let me know. ;)

{Baby A}

Daddy & {A}

{M Family}

{Baby A}

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