Monday, April 27, 2009

A Photographer's Kids...

The WORST subject, by far...

Ask any professional photographer, "Who is your toughest subject?" and I'm sure the response (especially from parents of little ones) will be, "MY KIDS!"

On one hand, I have my Bug... the performer. The actress. The model. If she sees I have my camera trained on her, she goes into these weird contortions, with one hand over her head, the other on her knee. One fist under her chin, the other hand out in space... its strange. "Vogue" for her generation?! Ask her to smile, and you get all sorts of weird facial expressions... its bizarre. She's cute - don't get me wrong - but I just want to capture her as she is...

And then there is Lou... ask her for a smile, she says "Cheese" as she looks anywhere but toward me. Ask her to look at my camera, she says, "No pictures!" Ask her what's on my head (a silly attempt to get her to look in my direction) and the little smart alec says, "a barrette." (No...seriously, that's what she said, although for the record, I did NOT have a barrette in my hair!)

So, last night we took a walk. I brought my camera with the intention of taking a few photos of flowers; maybe snapping a few shots of my kids. Nothing serious... but they were being so cute, picking dandelions for daddy & me, that I started trying to take some serious photos.

I actually got a few good ones. Never mind that Lou still barely smiled for me. Never mind that their hair was whipping in the wind. For me & my kids, these are awesome pictures. Thank goodness I'm better with other people's kids!!!!


  1. absolutely love these! good job kim!

  2. I totally agree with you about Bug. She's all into the vogue-thing.

    Lou's pics are awesome though. (Bug is gorgeous too!) Very natural and raw (?? is that what I mean??).

    Love the bench picture!

    PS. I have 3 people so far that are absolutely interested in you doing pics. Get together the price and package info and I'll snag you some more. =)