Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Sneak Peek - {Mr. B}

Its been a while since I've photographed someone other than my own kids - outside of my Bella hospital babies. So, when my friend Julie said I could photograph her little boy, I jumped at the chance. He's just shy of 3 weeks old; so, older than I'm used to, but that's even better... it was an opportunity to work outside my comfort level. Shooting in someone else's home (I'd love to shoot in Julie's bright kitchen more often!), dealing with a 3 week old baby (trying to get him to sleep while my kids and Julie's older son played with toy fire trucks!), and trying more creative poses than Bella allows...

So, thanks again Julie for letting me photograph {B}. He was wonderful and so adorable. Here's one know I had to play before doing anything else tonight!!!


  1. Kim, that photo ROCKS. That is ultimate. Is it SOOC or shopped?

    So adorable.

    Soon (so soon!) it will be your own lil' shweet heart we'll be seein'!

  2. I'm not good enough to ever post SOOC (well, rarely in hospital if I get my lighting right). But the light in Julie's kitchen is so awesome that its just some sharpening, some lightening! Color was good, skin was pretty good (I had to heal a couple little spots). I'm thinking about renting out Julie's kitchen as my studio space. lol!