Saturday, July 26, 2008

Feeling doubtful...

I'm not begging for compliments... well, maybe I am. I'm just feeling a little down on myself. Not so sure of my abilities. I know I shouldn't, but I compare myself to my fellow photographers. Yeah, I don't have formal training, but neither do most of them! I get frustrated with my inability to capture exactly what I see... my photos don't have the color, the emotion, the "pop" that some of those I see on flickr and the blogs I read.

So, I'm here to share some out of the ordinary shots. You've become accustomed to seeing my kids (and will see Lou in this post, as well), but I'm sharing some other subjects as well. Some from a recent trip to the Field Museum in Chicago, a walk along the Chicago lakeshore, and a visit to a local petting zoo. I have others I would like to share, but Blogger is acting up, so I'll add them to my next post...

Enjoy! Comment! Come back and tell all your friends. To my fellow photographers, I can use the CC. To all the others, just tell me you love my pictures. Haha.

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