Saturday, July 26, 2008

Feeling better about things...

I didn't have some random realization of my greatness, but I did accomplish a few things in the hour or so since I last posted. For one, I finally figured out how to get the RAW images off my memory card. And then I fixed the white balance on several of them. Here is my favorite, taken of Bug...

Edited to reupload this no avail. Does it look a tad pixelated to anyone else, or is it just me?! Trust me, the image on flickr looks FABULOUS!

I am also going to post some more photos that I wanted to add to the previous post. I guess, if nothing else, this doubt that is plaguing me will inspire me to work harder, practice more, and let household chores fall by the wayside while I spend an entire (beautiful!) Saturday on my computer. I so can't wait for my laptop to arrive so I can sit outside while my girls play and work on my photos.

Again, feel free to comment, CC, do whatever you can to let me know that someone reads my blog!

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