Monday, December 22, 2008

Our family Christmas celebration...

Usually, our extended family convenes upon my mother-in-law's house on Christmas Day.

Its a wild time, with all my husband's cousins and aunts & uncles all in one place at one time.

But, in recent years, with each of those cousins branching off into their own little families, its hard to get everyone together. So, this year, we decided to celebrate on the Sunday before Christmas.

Yesterday, we had 6 "adults", 17 "kids" (the ones who are in my age group), and 11 little ones. It was heaven. Boisterous and loud and cheerful, we ate until our bellies were full (and then ate a little more), opened presents, watched football, and caught up with loved ones who we don't often see.

I tried to play paparazzi - especially during the madness of 9 kids opening gifts (two of the younger ones were asleep).

So, Jan - thank you for having us all!! It was great and I hope you enjoyed it.

To everyone else, I had a good time and wish we'd had more time to chat... hope you enjoy the pics and don't mind me sharing!!!!!

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  1. Wonderful pictures. I love it! It looks like everyone had a marvelous time. I'll be posting Christmas pictures late since I LEFT MY CAMERA IN MARQUETTE! Agh! I didn't get any pics of the boys opening gifts at home. =(

    Love ya!