Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Photos

Last year, we spent a boatload of money on "professional" pictures of the girls for Christmas. We did some pics of the girls in their fancy Christmas dresses (thanks Nana) and then tried jammies in front of the prop Christmas tree... I thought some of the pics were stellar (although, I remember thinking..."I'll bet I could do just as well!")! My husband, not so impressed... So, this year, I was happy to try MY hand at their holiday pics.

A few weeks ago, I tried taking holiday pics - in fancy dresses (again, thanks Nana!) - of my girls, then of my niece, and then of the 3 of them together. My Bug and Niece "Miss K" did well on their individual pics. Lou wasn't having it... And the group photo was disaster!

So, this past week, I tried again with just my girls. Instead of dresses, this time we did jammies. And since Lou is rarely happy to be photographed, I bribed her with a candy cane. I think we did okay! Actually, I think we did BETTER than okay! I even took some pictures of Lou on her own after the fact.

A final thanks to the boss, Kelly, for sharing some tips on photographing at night. Although I was at home - not in the hospital - her tips worked wonders for me!! Would you have guessed I don't have a lighting set-up?!

My first attempt (Bug did well, Lou not so much, but I did get one worthy of sharing!):

Although this one is not our "Christmas Card" photo, it is my personal favorite from the sitting... No, she's NOT pouting. She was actually pulling the candy cane out of her mouth and I captured it at *just* the right moment...

And finally, pictures of just my Lou. She's so sweet, and so adorable, but really really uncomfortable in front of the camera. She must have been coming down from her candy-cane induced sugar high...oblivious to me in front of her...

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  1. I love the pics of Lou. I want that last one.

    You did a great job. The "pouty" one is cute too.

    Love ya!