Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Public Service Announcement...

When you're done reading this entry, you need to do me a big favor... go back up your files. ESPECIALLY your precious photos. NOW... don't put it off for a moment. I knew my computer was ready to crash, but I took my time...transferring a file every couple of moments when I passed my laptop at the table... and it crashed before I could get all my personal files transferred. Now, with any luck, I may be able to recover my files from my CF card (I have some software that I had to use on one occasion), but I'm still without any files I worked on with Photoshop. I'm also without my work files (spreadsheets and such; I AM smart enough to back up work files on a regular basis).

Oh, and don't buy a DELL Inspiron 1720. This is my second complete crash since I bought it in August of 2008. Twice in 6 months...that's just fabulous.


  1. Oh, Kim! I am so sorry. I know...I worry about it all the time. Mike just doesn't back up as often as I like. I hope you can retrieve most of it. I'll ask Mike if he knows any tricks of the trade. =(

  2. I used my recovery disk to get pics off my CF recovered 5 different babies and Jay's hockey pics. That's all. No Christmas. No Vicky pics (luckily I gave her a CD, but it was all edited images and I want to work on them more). :( This has NOT been my week....