Wednesday, January 28, 2009

{N & J and family}

When I scheduled this photo shoot, Mom said to me, "We'll be your biggest challenge yet."

Yes, it was a challenge to get 3 children under 5 to settle in and look somewhere close the camera (or at least not burrow their heads into mom or dad's chest!). Add to that challenge, the new puppy! Luckily, this is a really laid back and relaxed family. They were willing to do their thing while I snapped shot after shot. I got some candid shots and a couple good family portraits. I'm sharing the portraits here, because that's what I edited first so I can work on submitting my Bella Baby/Bella Life certification portfolio.

Thanks, N&J!! For allowing me to *practice* on your family, and for having us over. We'll have to do it again soon!!!

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  1. I really like them! Looks like they were all having fun.