Sunday, August 17, 2008

Something new...

I've been taking quite a few pictures in the past couple of weeks. And I'm trying to take pics of something other than my kids... so, here's some of what I've been up to:

On August 2nd, we went to the N.E.W. (NorthEast Wisconsin) Zoo in Suamico, WI. We saw a lot of animals, including this giraffe, whom my daughters fed.

We also got to meet a box turtle...up close and personal. She was very shy, but let me take a couple closeups.

The next day, we took a drive up to Sturgeon Bay, WI. We sat by the marina, watching the boats come in and out; watching the bridge lift up to allow the taller yachts and sailboats through. My daughters were pretty interested in the canadian geese (which, of course, we see all the time around home anyway!). So, here's a picture of one getting all riled up.

After our short drive to Sturgeon Bay, we returned to Green Bay to visit Lambeau Field for the Green Bay Packers' Family Night. Rather than obsess about the drama surrounding Brett Favre (my favorite player of all time), I busied myself with learning to use my father-in-law's 70-300mm lens. Thanks, Ray! This picture of Brian Brohm was taken from the 58th row. In 10 days, I'll be sitting in the 13th row of Lambeau Field to watch the preseason game against the Tennessee Titans. Can't wait to see how much better those photos turn out!

On Saturday, August 9, we visited the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. I quickly filled my memory card, but had to narrow it down to choose one to share here... this is a good one of a monkey. The lighting was challenging (the monkeys live in the "monkey house", a dark, dank windowless building).

Then, finally, this past week I had family in town (Mike & Mara, it was nice to see you! Hope you had as good a time as we did!). So, on Tuesday night, we went to watch the Schaumburg Flyers baseball team. We had great seats that were unfortunately obscured by the net that protects the fans from foul balls. So, I took a bunch of pictures before the game started. Here, one of the pitchers warmed up with his catcher.

I also took some pictures of my girls that night (you knew I'd share at least one, right?!).

On Wednesday, we took the train downtown and visited Navy Pier. Besides walking around and eating too many treats, we also took an architectural boat tour of Chicago courtesy of SeaDog. Despite the rain, it was an amazing excursion. We saw the city in a way we'd never seen it before. I'm no architecture buff, but there's something about those buildings that makes my breath catch in my throat. So, I took a bunch of pictures, but here are my favorites.

Upon finishing the boat ride, we were all exhausted (and wet!), but we stopped near the ferris wheel to allow Bug a ride on the carousel. So, I took the opportunity to take a couple more photos. Notice how blue the sky was! This was maybe an hour after the downpour we experienced on the boat. Amazing how the weather can change in an instant.
While waiting for the train to take us into the city, I took this picture of my girls. I was very pleased with this capture. They weren't fighting, they weren't talking, and they were actually smiling. A rare capture of both my girls at once!

I start my training at Bella Baby this Tuesday! I'm very excited (and a little nervous). My last day at Picture People is Wednesday. I'm honestly going to miss that place (and a few of the girls - and Steve! - that work there). I've learned a lot and I credit my newfound self confidence to working there...

In the meantime, check my flickr for more photos. I upload lots more there, and on a more frequent basis. And also tell your friends to check out my photos! Thanks for reading (and looking!).

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  1. Love your blog! You definitely have a talent worth the work. The girls are gorgeous, as always. I know, I know...I'm a bit biased. =] Funny, about the "catch in your throat" regarding the buildings...I felt the same way. Must be the sentimental/artistic side of us. I loved the stories about the buildings too. I'd do that one again, definitely! I didn't notice how quick the weather cleared up that day either. Photos are awesome! Keep up the amazing work! Love you.