Thursday, August 28, 2008

Baby *P*

As promised, more pictures from my sitting with Baby *P*...

He was such an angel. Barely fussed... did whatever I asked (haha). 6 days old is such a special age. I tried to do a lighter black and white conversion on these (thanks to the PYF gals for the feedback!). If you like this better or worse than the pic I posted last week, please let me know which you prefer!

Had some more training with Bella. According to the boss (Kelly, who is FABULOUS!), her goal is for bella babes to one day be too BIG for Bella. To grow as photographers and branch out. To take the training she gives us and become famous. Its so obvious that photography, photographs, kids, family, etc. are insanely important to this woman. I love her! I love Bella.

Anyway, before I get too off-track, I love this baby too. He's adorable and I'm so thankful to his parents for letting me photograph him.

Enjoy and let me and the family know what you think of the pictures.

don't know if I'm crazy about the weird angle on that one... but no other angle really works, either! Ugh!

I have more, which I may or may not post after I edit. And starting September 2nd, I'll be photographing all the beautiful babies at my assigned hospital. Although I can't share those, please wish me luck!!!

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