Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Trying to go PRO...

Even though I still have no idea what I'm REALLY doing, I'm waiting to hear back from Essence Photography & Video regarding my interview yesterday. I could be one of 20 new wedding photographers being hired to help with their expansion from 2 local studios to FIVE. Sounds like a great company to join... shooting the pictures of one of the most important days of any woman's life scares the CRAP out of me, but sounds SOO SOO fun and rewarding.

Meanwhile, it seems the studio is gaining faith in me. I've been on camera one a lot lately. Tonight is a challenge... 4 (yes, FOUR) sittings with PETS. A combination of cats and dogs. Babies, I've done. Adults, I've done. Maternity, I'd LOVE to do... But cats? KITTENS? Dogs? I'm nervous. But excited...

Anyway, been working on one criticism I receive at the studio... "Stop taking so many pictures! Once you get "the shot", MOVE ON!" Ok... so the other day, my mother in law was holding my 5 week old neice. I told her to hang on, let me get my camera. Set up the shot, SNAP! Look in the viewfinder... success! And that was it. ONE SHOT. Go Kim, Go KIM! Woo hoo. Of course, that wasn't the case yesterday when I took 52 images of a 5 year old. oops. So, here's the shot of Baby K and Nana.

The coloring isn't perfect (I really need to work on that... and calibrate my monitor), but the composition? LOVE IT.

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