Saturday, July 19, 2008

Editing my life... editing my pictures...

I am no longer on the path to unemployment! I was offered a position with Bella Baby Photography , effective September 1, 2008. My new job will consist of taking the very first professional pictures of newborns - in the hospital. Not the typical mugshots that we moms are accustomed to seeing (and buying, against our better judgment). Bella Baby provides an actual photo shoot, with capable photographers - ARTISTS! Not merely someone who is competent to push the button on a camera. I'm so excited... slightly nervous... anxious to start! Thrilled that with the position comes a need to upgrade my camera. Yup... I'll be buying a Canon 40D before the month is over. So, thank you to the ladies at Bella Baby. I'm thrilled to be a part of your team!

The other big news is that I'm finally producing some decent edits. Well, in my humble opinion, anyway! A friend shared with me her basic steps to edit a picture and I've seen a world of difference. It is very similar to what we do at Picture People... upload, crop, correct and balance, and sharpen. But for some reason, I wasn't seeing results on my images at home, until she laid them out for me. I think I was OVER-editing before... So, here are some photos I took at a recent family weekend in Wisconsin. With basic editing. If you have comments, leave 'em. If you have constructive criticism, leave it! If you think these kids are adorable, join the club!

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